Hi I’m Sal

I’m just a regular woman, who decided to take ownership of my future. I live on a cattle station in Central Queensland with my amazing husband Mick and our three beautiful children (Mac, Archie and Savannah), and am the founder of The Rural ShEmpire. The ShEmpire community came to fruition in October 2016, shortly after I had given birth to Archie. I was exhausted, dealing with mild post-natal depression and several other ongoing niggling health issues that at that point in time I simply thought were “just part of motherhood”.

But… I was fed up, and in desperate need of SOMETHING to give my body the support it needed, so I started doing a little research. There was only one program that stood out to me given our location isolation, and that was the JBT Program, a wholefood supplement and healthy lifestyle program based on exactly that… WHOLEFOODS! Everyone in the bush needs more fruits and veggies, even I know that. So I decided to give it a try.


  • I had a sustained boost of energy and was able to make it through the days and nights feeding a baby, chasing a toddler around and doing what I could to help out
  • My headaches subsided, which was huge as I had been suffering for years
  • My gut health improved dramatically
  • I found myself again – that woman I had lost for a while

I’ve always naturally been a person who wanted to help others, so when I found such an incredible program that ACTUALLY worked, of course I had this desire to help all of the women I knew who were struggling also! Every woman needed this is their life as far as I was concerned….

So I Started a Business

An “online business” had been mentioned to me when I initially started on the JBT Program but I completely shrugged it off. That’s not for me, I don’t even use Facebook much, let alone Instagram were my thoughts. And how would I even do something like that anyway? Seriously?

My perception and feelings of doing something “online” REALLY changed however when I knew how incredible the program was, so I literally got started, never with an intention to actually create an income and the rocking community we have today, but just to help others.

I was calling it my project while being an inside mumma haha.

After just one month of recommending the JBT Program to the women I know and love, and sharing my journey on social media, I had covered the cost of my subscription to the program for an entire year!!! Then it hit me, literally like a ton of bricks… this could actually be something that makes an impact on other people’s lives, rural women all over Australia.

So, The ShEmpire Community and Vision was Born

Nowadays, we’ve gone a step further, and as a community we have created a wellness hub SPECIFICALLY designed for women and families in the bush! Flick over to “Health in the Bush” to hear a little more about this…

Join the Gang

“Growing a business from home has become a true passion of mine and I’m so grateful I jumped at the opportunity!”

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