Women’s Wellness and Wealth

Our mission within the ShEmpire community is to help rural and remote women all over Australia create a healthier home, and bridge that nutritional gap that we all have + support those who love the program to share it with others and create an income while still living on the land.

As it turns out, a lot of women yearn for both of the above, and within 3.5 years we have supported over 2000 women, men and children with our specialized rural wellness program and the ShEmpire community now exceeds 200 women creating an income in stolen moments, and these numbers continue to grow everyday.

Meet some of the gang below.


Alison | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Alison, Mum of 2

Bowen, North Queensland

As a mum to three gorgeous kids who worked three jobs, I love that this business allows me to work when I want and from wherever I want! I can put in as little or as much time as I like. It gives me financial independence and allows me to contribute to our household while spending quality time with my kids. The community of like minded women are so inspiring and driven.


Amber | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Amber, Self Employed - Contract Musterer

Central Queensland

Earning an income online was not something I had intended on doing growing up but when an opportunity comes to you to help pay off those pesky bills of course you’re going to say YES! Never did I imagine it would grow into an income that allows me the flexibility to work my horses, our cattle & travel to visit my family.


Claire | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Claire, Mum of 2 wild boys

Cattle Farm, Scenic Rim

When I started in this business I never knew where it was going take me. I originally started for my health, and to cover the cost of my program but it has proven to be so much more. It has helped our family out immensely while enduring this drought, helping to buy stock feed and and other things that have been required. It has been great because I have had the freedom to stay on our farm with my two little monsters and  do what we love the most.



Helena | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Helena, Stockperson

NW Queensland

I started this business to cover the cost of my product which I could not live without and to earn a little side money to help with owning a horse at uni. It has allowed me to save money for horse events I want to go to whenever I want and I get to do all of it whilst working with my cattle and horses at home! Really couldn’t ask for much better than what this community has given me.


Jum | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Jum, Full time Independent Badass Dream Chaser

North Queensland

I love the opportunities that this business can provide. I went from farm life to city life all while earning an income online doing what I love… Helping people. I’ve gained back my confidence and “work” with an amazing community of women that all share the same passion. The sky’s the limit and I love that I can set myself up for the future.


Kaili | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Kaili, Mum of 1, Raising Mahli and following the rodeo circuit

Cattle Station, Central Queensland

Clayton and I travel a lot on the rodeo circuit, and I was looking for something that would allow me to always be by his side, while still making an income. Growing my own business from home not only allows me to help others, but to also contribute financially to our growing family. I have the flexibility to work when I want, where I want.


Kristie | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Kristie, Mum of 1, Horse breeder

South Burnett

Being a mum is my highest priority, so when I saw an opportunity to work from home around my little boy Mitch I decided to take a look. Growing my business in stolen moments has been something truely special to me. What a fantastic community of women to be a part of!!


Kristy | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Kristy, Mum of 3, Massage therapist

North Burnett

While running my own business off farm as a massage therapist, I realised just how much stress people in our community are under. This business fits in so well with what I do, helping people to reach their health goals and hearing how much better they feel has been a real highlight for me. I also quickly realised that my massage business would not run without me in it, so a passive income that I could manage around business, the farm and children was very attractive to me. I am truly grateful for this business & I can’t wait to see where it takes me.


Kristy | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Kristy, Mum to Tommy and Jack, Working part-time


I’m a mum to two lively little boys and wife to a contract musterer and when I was given the opportunity to get into the business I took a huge step out of my comfort zone and said yes. I especially like the idea of being able to contribute financially & the flexibility of doing it wherever and whenever in between wrangling the boys and my part time job. The Rural ShEmpire is an amazing community. They support, uplift and inspire me everyday.


Kym | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Kym, Mum of 2


I started my online business just to cover the cost of the products so all my family could stay on them as we loved all the health benefits we were receiving. This business has given me so much more, and I am so lucky to be surrounded by a team of women who inspire and lift each other every day. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!


Lisa | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Lisa, Mum of 3

Cattle property South Burnett

My husband and I with our 3 kids run sheep and cattle, and cut timber in the beautiful South Burnett region, QLD. I am so grateful that I took the opportunity to join the Rural ShEmpire. I joined to try and help other people improve their health, but I also gained a supportive community and connections with other women all over QLD and Australia, while creating an extra income to add to the family economy.


Liz | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Liz, Mum of 4, Retired from Full-Time banking

Western Downs QLD

I’m a mum of four, and while on maternity leave with my last baby I joined the ShEmpire team. After 12 months I was able to retire from full-time work to ensure I don’t miss any of the special moments with my last precious little man Buddy. Growing a business form home has given me flexibility and freedom.


Mayah | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Mayah, Stationhand


I started my online business to mainly cover the costs of the products and maybe earn a little extra to help pay for my animals. I joined this business not knowing the opportunities it would give me and the doors that it can open. So grateful to be apart of such an awesome community of like-minded rural women!


Meredith | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Meredith, Mum of 2, Entrepreneur

North Queensland

Having my hubby Levi away driving trains a lot of the time was draining on me as a mum, so when I saw an opportunity to join a community like the Rural ShEmpire and make an income aswell, I jumped in head first. I love the community, and can’t wait to bring Levi home from the train life so he gets to have every day with our beautiful girls.


Naomi | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Naomi, Mum to Sophie

Cattle Station North Queensland

When I became pregnant with Sophie I had to give up my job working as a stationhand, and working in town was not an option, as the commute would be too long. I joined the ShEmpire team to ensure we still had two incomes as I headed into motherhood. I love the flexibility and supportive community, and the fact that I get to be present as a mum and still have my own income.


Nikia | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Nikia, Stationhand

Far North Queensland

When I started in this business it was because I just wanted something of my own, a little escape from the work life and a way to connect with other like minded women in the rural industry and to try and save a little money. I had no idea it would be such an uplifting experience and I have become so passionate about this community. I love that our community is all about helping and encouraging people to a better life! It has changed my perspective and I have leant so much about myself along the way. I cannot wait to see what this opportunity does for me and my partner!!


Nikita | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Nikita, Mum of 4 and Farm Owner

South Burnett, QLD

I started this business when I was expecting my 4th child. I looked at getting a job and having to put 3 children in childcare while the other one was in school which didn’t fit in with my values at all. I saw the opportunity to help others, while allowing me to bring an extra income to the family and spend time at home supporting my husband and our fencing business, as well as being able work on our farms with our 4 children by our side. I am so pleased to have been granted the opportunity to join such an amazing community that is supportive and inspiring.


Sebina | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Sebina, Mum of 2

Cattle Station Central Queensland

Sebina is Mum of 2 busy bush kids, living with her husband on a property they manage in rural Queensland. With a husband who works away most weeks and a busy social calendar Sebina was looking for a way to contribute to the family finances without having to put her young children into long hours of child care. Over the past 4 years Sebina has given their family more freedom and choices, overcome serious anxiety, found her passion and her voice.


Sophie | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Sophie, Stud Manager

Central Qld

I’ve got some huge goals in life, so starting an online business amongst a community of rural women was a no brainer for me. I get to spend my days on the land, and have an exciting extra income growing on the side in stolen moments! It’s empowering being able to choose what that extra cash goes towards – sometimes it’s something for me, other times it’s feed for cattle.


Teghan | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Teghan, Supermum to Grace and Pippa

South Burnett QLD

I am a proud single mum of two beautiful girls. When I first started in this business my life was completely different to what it is now and thanks to this business I have been surrounded by an amazing community of other rural women while I navigate this difficult time. Being part of the ShEmpire team has been an amazing experience and something I will be forever grateful for.


Tess | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Tess, Stationhand + Hair and Makeup Goddess

North Queensland

I started this business simply to cover my cost of the product because I loved them so much, but soon learnt the opportunities that are right at my finger tips earning money online! I have always had a love for health and fitness, my horses, cattle, the land and helping other people. With this business I get to do all of the above and I love it.


Veronica | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Veronica, Head Stockwoman

Central Queensland

I started this business not realizing how much I actually needed something like this in my life. Working on the land means long hours with no extra income. Being part of the Rural ShEmpire has given me a project of my own, something I can continue to grow. The fact that I have the pleasure of helping people improve their health is just the icing on the cake.


Vicky | Rural ShEmpire

Meet Vicky, Mum of 2

Cattle Station North Queensland

Being a mum living on a remote cattle station isn’t always easy and I wanted something for me, that would allow me to help other families and generate an income. I love the community I have linked arms with in the Rural ShEmpire team, and covering an ugly bill each month with my own income is also very satisfying.

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“ I am so lucky to be surrounded by a team of women who inspire and lift each other every day”

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