You Get Out What You Put In

The JBT Program is helping rural and remote women all over Australia combine foods that even the “blokiest” of bloke will love, with health in mind. With over 300 delicious recipes to choose from no one will ever be left hungry, from sweet and savoury breakfast options, lunch and snack ideas, sumptuous main meals and heavenly desserts. The JBT Program is strictly NOT a diet, but rather provides the tools to make simple changes overtime that become routine. Along with an abundance of recipes, our exclusive members also have exercise and mindset support to help cement long-term sustainable results health transformations.

Browse some of the JBT Program recipes

Rocky Road Superfood Bars | Rural ShEmpire

Rocky Road Superfood Bars

Posted by Sal 16/08/2019

These babies are so versatile, throw in your ...

Apple and Coconut Cake | Rural ShEmpire

Apple and Coconut Cake

Posted by Sal 26/07/2019

A clean and fresh cake for the whole family

Clean Thermo Sticky Date Pudding | Rural ShEmpire

Clean Thermo Sticky Date Pudding

Posted by Sal 26/07/2019

Life is too short not to enjoy dessert

Hassleback Sweet Potatoes | Rural ShEmpire

Hassleback Sweet Potatoes

Posted by Sal 22/07/2019

The perfect hearty side dish

15 Minute Grilled Lamb and Special Sauce | Rural ShEmpire

15 Minute Grilled Lamb and Special Sauce

Posted by Sal 19/07/2019

A quick and easy meal that the whole family loves

Life Changing Bread | Rural ShEmpire

Life Changing Bread

Posted by Sal 19/07/2019

A clean and delicious sweet or savoury bread ...

Clean Snickers | Rural ShEmpire

Clean Snickers

Posted by Sal 19/07/2019

Yummy on the lips, and kind on the hips

“After 12 months I was able to retire from full-time work to ensure I don’t miss any of the special moments with my last precious little man Buddy. ”

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