The reality is, no matter how hard we try, it is impossible to get the adequate amounts of nutrition we need in rural and remote areas, short of growing everything for ourselves. This is where the WOW Hub (Well-being Out West) can help!


The WOW Hub (Well-being Out West) is a specifically designed program for rural and remote women and their families.


Yes, that’s right, you asked and we have delivered! There’s no secret that maintaining optimum health, nutrition and mindfulness in the bush can pose challenges and obstacles for many people. Most don’t have access to a gym, we rarely have interaction with others to give us support and the butt kick or shoulder to cry on that we need, and getting the right amounts of nutrition in, is easier said than done. We totally get it, we hear you, and we are here to help…

The WOW Hub combines healthy eating, deliciousness and simplicity, plus live functional workouts and self care tips and tricks to just help make life easier! Members of the program have exclusive access to hundreds of wholesome recipes to utilize at leisure, a support network of women all striving for better health, nutrition advice, and functional workouts and fitness tips. Our program members are also supported by a wholefood based nutrition supplement we personally recommend – Juice Plus. Juice Plus is a wholefood based supplement, which is non-GMO, gluten free, and bio-available, and essentially bridges the nutritional gap we all have. Think adding over 30 extra varieties of fruits, vegetables and antioxidant filled berries to your diet every single day!! Imagine the positive impact that would have! For more info about the WOW Hub, click on the link below and we will send you an info pack.

Tell me more about the WOW Hub!

Below are some amazing testimonials


Health in the Bush | Rural ShEmpire

Mental Health

“I’m just tired” That was my response every time someone asked me ‘what’s wrong’?

The truth is, I was just tired. I was tired of feeling so down all the time, I was tired of the traffic in my head, I was tired of feeling so alone.  I was mentally, emotionally and physically tired on all levels. So tired that I wanted to just close my eyes and sleep forever.

Ridiculous thing for a mother with a loving family to say hey? But the truth is, the guilt of feeling like that just made me fall deeper into that dark space. So my family sort help for me and I was medicated. Not something I particularly wanted to do, but necessary.

In that time I fell pregnant with my 4th baby. I was told my medication was completely safe for him and to continue with my mental health plan. His birth was beautiful, he latched straight away, slept beautifully and was perfect in those first few hours after birth. I was head over heels in love and oozing happiness with this last little bundle to complete our family. Until, it came time to be discharged and I was told he’d failed the Narcotic Withdrawal Test.

What test? I don’t do drugs!!!

But I did, I took my medication prescribed by my GP and OBGYN and it was mind altering… so was a narcotic. He yawned too many times, he sneezed a lot and he had a little jitter every now and then. It was enough to send me over the edge. I spent days flipping between breathing him in and loving on him… to crying about that failed test filled with guilt.

Everything changed when I came across the WOW Hub and it’s nutritional support products. I just didn’t think I would ever get over that time in my life, but the community behind the program, along with fueling my body correctly saved my life. I’ve been medication free for 3 years, and happier than I’ve ever been.



Health in the Bush | Rural ShEmpire

I tried medication with no success

Throughout school & as a young adult I suffered from acne & all things related, self conscious, low self esteem & shame. Mum even took me to the doctor & I tried medication with no success.

So it really was a complete surprise to me when after just 5 weeks utilising the WOW Hub I started to see my skin improve. Not long after even my friends could see the difference in my skin & confidence levels!

I regularly work outdoors in the sun, cattle yards, wind & dust & I honestly have never looked back. I have since added the omegas and my skin is so glowing that I actually forgot what it was like to have acne, crazy I know!

I genuinely believe everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their own skin!

Click here for Amber’s before/after photos.



Health in the Bush | Rural ShEmpire

Controlling my Skin Condition

I started on the products in April 2018. I was looking for something to assist with controlling my skin condition. I was a bit skeptical because I had tried so many things to no avail. I was also feeling exhausted, suffering from brain fog, had pretty poor digestion and seemed to be always cranky. Maybe not the nicest person to be around!

After 2 weeks in the WOW Hub I felt my energy levels rise, I wasn’t relying on coffee to get through the day, I felt like the fog lifted and I had some brain clarity. At week 3 my skin went through a detox and I panicked a bit! Oh no, another fail! But then my eczema started to shrink down to nothing. I noticed I was not so cranky and hormonal and my digestion improved out of sight.

Since beginning on the this health journey, my sometimes suffocating anxiety has eased, and I have the ability to better recognize and manage trigger situations. All the small health changes had a snowball effect! I am so incredibly grateful for finding this community, they have changed my life in so many positive ways!

Click here for Lisa’s before/after photos.



Health in the Bush | Rural ShEmpire

My husband and his diabetes

My family has been utilizing Hub for about 2 years and we have all seen amazing changes in this time. Both my kids now have strong immune systems, my sons eating has improved out of sight and dinner times no longer end in arguments every night.

I have heaps more energy, have lost quite a few kg’s and my fitness level has improved, my nails and hair grow super quick and strong and I generally feel so much better. My husband is a type 1 diabetic and therefore had a pretty depleted immune system. He works full time with cattle so would be on antibiotics regularly for small cuts that would get infected within hours.

Since starting in the WOW Hub he has not had any antibiotics, his immune system is now very strong and he feels so much better.



Health in the Bush | Rural ShEmpire

Helped Me Clear My Skin Up and Bring Me Relief

When I started my journey I was only looking for something to help me with my SKIN but little did I know I was getting into something that could help with so much more!

Before I started in the WOW Hub the money I spent was insane trying to find some relief from my skin condition. At its worst my skin is so painful, itchy, red and looks just terrible when it covers all of my body.

I am so happy that I have found a product and program that has helped me clear my skin up and bring me relief. This also helped tremendously with my confidence and self-esteem. My sleep has improved, mood swings subsided, eating habits improved dramatically, I experienced natural weight loss, boosted my immunity, eliminated my headaches, body aches and pains, leg cramps, and supports my digestive system!

Click here for Teghan’s before/after photos.



Health in the Bush | Rural ShEmpire


When I was 14 years old I became very sick, losing 11 kilos in a week, extreme stomach pain and ended up in hospital. The local rural doctors and nurses were at a loss and in the lunch room tossed Endometriosis around as a very unlikely option being so young. When my mum asked for any ideas they suggested we head to Toowoomba to see a local gyno. A laparoscopy later and endometriosis had made a nice mess inside. For the next several years every 18months – 2 years I would get a nasty flare up and go under again. Each month dealing with extreme pain and side effects. Both Mum and I made the decision not to do extreme treatments due to their side effects and focused on exercise and eating right. The second being a lot harder as a teenager in boarding school.

At 15 years old I was told to get a career as having children would be very unlikely. I didn’t take this on board at all, knowing I would have children and be a mum.

Fast forward a few years and post marriage I was having a flare up. My doctor gave me 6 months to fall pregnant before another laparoscopy. I consulted with a Chinese medicine doctor in Brisbane, a round of herbs (oh they are nasty to boil and drink) and within 5 months we were expecting our first.

Once my monthlies returned after finishing breastfeeding Livvy so did the pain. This is when I found the WOW Hub and began to truly overhaul our health and eating. We followed the program very closely, taking our support products daily and within 4 months or so I was finally pain free. We went from thinking we were healthy, picking labels that screamed healthy but never reading the labels and not focusing on wholefood based living. The program has taught us so much about what to have in our fridge and cupboards, how we can eat the healthiest of foods that cover a rainbow and taste amazing. No deprivation, no calorie counting, no craziness. I’ve lost weight, said bye to mental fog, found my confidence, reduced hormonal breakouts, improved my immune system and so much more + since being on the program we have welcomed two more juicy babies, both conceived with no extra help.



Health in the Bush | Rural ShEmpire

An Amazing Transformation

I started utilizing this amazing program in 2015 when I had a 5-week old baby and a long list of health issues including bowel disease and arthritis.

My goal was quite simple – to be able to function with a new baby and try not to fall into a flare.

After over 3 years now living my healthiest life, small simple changes have lead me to an amazing transformation…….

  • Decreased pain and faster healing time following a cesarean.
  • Increase of energy within weeks
  • Over 20kg weight loss
  • Less severe colds
  • Down to one medication (there were at least 10 prior to JBT)
  • Better supported immune system
  • Better oral health
  • Systemic inflammation markers are significantly reduced

Most of all, through joining our incredible community, I was able to find myself, gain confidence and self-worth and find what works for me and my family all through a few simple changes.

Click here for Melinda’s before/after photos.


“I especially like the idea of being able to contribute financially & the flexibility of doing it wherever and whenever in between wrangling the boys and my part time job. ”

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