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Growing my own business from home not only allows me to help others, but to also contribute financially to our growing family. I have the flexibility to work when I want, where I want.

Rocky Road Superfood Bars | Rural ShEmpire

Rocky Road Superfood Bars

Posted by Sal 16/08/2019

These babies are so versatile, throw in your fav nuts, seeds or berries and edible essential oil to make your own bars.

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What happened next set me on the path to where I am today. I spent the next several years doing what I fondly refer to as “living the dream”. I worked on various stations throughout the Gulf, Cape York and North Queensland, before meeting the love of my life…. Mick. Mick and I had a whirlwind romance, and after just 4 months, we were engaged, living together and working as a team. Don’t worry though haha, it took me another two years to plan the perfect wedding on a family property, a day I will NEVER forget. Mick and I spent our first few years together contract mustering, fencing, yard building and helping on the cattle property my folks had just purchased in Central Queensland. Life was unfolding exactly how I wanted it, amazing husband, tick, life on the land, tick, money in the bank, tick.

Then I took on the greatest, most challenging role of my life….

I became a mum. Mac, Archie and Savannah have been the greatest gifts that will ever be given to us, but to be honest, when I transitioned from the woman who helped my husband outside everyday, to full-time mum, I really struggled. I lost every ounce of confidence and self-belief that I had, and became a shell of the woman I once was. Then guilt set in. From the outside looking in, we had this perfect life, one that many would dream of, but from inside our walls, Mick was encouraging me to get help, to speak to someone professional, because I wasn’t coping. Each day was a mixture of tears, frustration, anxiety, and self doubt… all of which I was very good at hiding from others, except Mick.

Thankfully for me, at this exact same time The Rural ShEmpire opportunity walked into my life, and even though I felt like I “couldn’t” do it, I needed to…. I needed something for me, a community. Since creating TRS in October 2016 I have grown a six-figure income produced completely online, I have found a community of women who support and encourage each other, and found that confident vibrant woman again. The Rural ShEmpire hasn’t just been a business, it’s been a labour of love and passion, and a project to support other rural women who are feeling isolated, anxious and depressed just like I was.

That leap of faith into the unknown online world has also provided us with more choices, flexibility and family time. Mick no longer has to contract away to provide for our family. This was a HUGE deal for me, because during the times that he was away, were the times that I struggled the most. We now manage a cattle station together further north in Central Queensland than where we originally “settled” and I operate the ShEmpire business in the stolen moments I have each day between mum and stationhand. Life for us now is perfectly imperfect, and it’s so comforting to know we have added financial security to set our little men up for the future.

The thing is…. There’s nothing special about me, you can do this too. Click on the link below to register your interest and someone from the ShEmpire team will be in touch to give you some more information.

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“I love the flexibility and supportive community, and the fact that I get to be present as a mum and still have my own income”

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